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The project team hopes to find ways to position songs more centrally in community-based Gaelic language learning while at the same time providing professional development opportunities for community language teachers. For centuries, songs were the Gaels’ primary form of literary output and as such they encode Gaelic history, genealogy, and cultural worldview. Their lyrics also provide opportunities to engage with various linguistic elements (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, idioms, dialects, pronunciation) and offer a real-world Gaelic expressive form with which students can interact. Singing together is not only a traditional Gaelic activity, it offers an important means of building community, both in the classroom and outside it.

Project Partners

Dr. Heather Sparling

Cape Breton University

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Kenneth MacKenzie

Gaelic College

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Dr. Heather Sparling
Cape Breton University

Approaching language revitalization through and with music offers a way to think outside of the box when it comes to language revitalization. It’s never been more important, with more than 3,000 endangered languages globally, including Gaelic.

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