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  • Next Wales/Nova Scotia Event

    INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone interested in housing issues.

    The next Transatlantic conversation will be held on October 28 at 3pm in Wales, 11am in Nova Scotia, staying under the community umbrella, but this time focusing on the subject of housing.

    We all need somewhere to sleep, don’t we? Everyone should have a roof over their head, shouldn’t they? You should be able to live in your ‘home’ community if you wanted to, shouldn’t you?

    Housing is a complex, emotive subject that not only intersects with our hopes and dreams, but also raises awareness and concern around its intersection with power and equity as the world becomes ever more unequal. Wales and Nova Scotia’s experiences mirror each other but are also different with challenges unique to their particular situation.

    Join us for another conversation across the ocean to share what’s the same, what’s different and how we can help each other…

    FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Ray MacNeil at

  • Impacting Public Policy with Research

    Engaging with Government

    INTENDED AUDIENCE: Faculty at any Nova Scotia post secondary institution

    As a faculty member in a CLARI institution, do you find yourself challenged, when engaging with government policy makers, to understand how best for your research to have an impact on public policy? Or are you interested in learning more about how government works so that you will be better able to engage when the need arises? Do you want your research to be relevant and have impact on public policy? If so, you may benefit from this session organized by CLARI.

    REGISTRATION: Click on the title of this excerpt above
    FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Ray MacNeil at

    This workshop will take place over two days, Friday October 22 and Friday November 5, from 10AM until noon.

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  • CBOs & Schools Make 21-22 Safe and Stable for Underserved Youth

    From Community Science: While schools work to prepare their environments for the 2021-2022 school year, underserved students and their families struggle to cope with social and economic issues that surpass anything we have seen in the recent past. From working through the stress and trauma our youth have experienced to the pressures of food security, underserved students and their families are looking to local schools to provide some stability this fall.

    Are schools prepared? Should schools be expected to meet these challenges on their own? Where do and how can community-based organizations (CBOs) fit into meeting these growing needs? How can schools and CBOs work together and create a safe, stable, and supportive environment for students this fall?

  • Enhancing cultural food security in Nova Scotia

    Join us for a meeting at the CLARI space on the Saint Mary’s campus in Halifax. To register contact Ray MacNeil at

About the CLARI Space

Our home base is at our partner institution, Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. The CLARI space consists of administrative offices as well as a facilitation facility that we believe is one of the best in Atlantic Canada.

CLARI research partnerships from across our network use this space, when needed, to facilitate their community research. CLARI staff use it for Collaboratives and other networking events.