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This collaboration between Saint Francis Xavier Univertsity and Pictou County Safe Harbour (SH) will include refugee newcomers’ voices and employers’ perspectives in addition to the experiences of resettlement volunteers. The project helps address the dearth of research on the economic and employment integration of refugee newcomers in Canada, and the roles that volunteers play in helping refugees make the transition. The project will generate resources for SH to share and it would contribute to the academic literature on rural resettlement and the significance of community-based approaches to resettlement.


Dr. Norine Verberg

St Francis Xavier University

Sociology @ StFX

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Kailee Brennan

Pictou County Safe Harbour

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Dr. Norine Verberg
St Francis Xavier University

The results of the study have been shared with refugee welcoming communities. The study results also led to the development of a multi-stakeholder conference focused on innovations in fostering the economic integration of immigrants settling in rural counties of Nova Scotia.

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