CLARI is a cross-province, multi-post-secondary education partnership designed to support Nova Scotia communities with academic and research expertise, designated spaces and communications technology to address social and economic challenges.

What’s New?

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Below are the application forms for CLARI project funding. Instructions are included with the forms. A project application requires both the Community and Faculty Partner form to be completed and submitted. For more information contact CLARI

Note: These forms must first be downloaded to your device before being filled out and submitted. Also note that the date on the forms is 2020, not 2021 as it should be. This will be changed during our current website redesign.

About Us

The CLARI network spans the province, combining the talents and resources of its six founding partner universities and the Nova Scotia Community College’s 13 campuses. CLARI partners can assist communities in all parts of the province to develop social and economic change projects while providing enhanced learning opportunities for students.

What Does CLARI Stand For?

A Change Lab supports a cross section of stakeholders to come together to find creative actions to address a shared problem or to maximize the outcomes of a shared opportunity. Action Research measures and observes an activity, especially the execution of a solution or strategy, to identify and optimize the results of that activity. Through an interative process, Action Research can enhance outcomes targeted during the Change Lab process. Action Research is about engaging participants as co-researchers, working equally and collaboratively with academic-based researchers.

Supporting Social Innovation

CLARI network partners are concerned with how they can best work together to support community-based change activities taking place across Nova Scotia. They are making connections with community partners, some of which are already engaged in initiatives for which CLARI’s network of resources can support them to build capacity and realize their community and economic development goals.

Collaboration Spaces

Key to CLARI’s ability to serve communities across the province has been the allocation of spaces at each partner location in which to host stakeholders and support distance-collaboration via videoconferencing among a wide range of educational disciplines.


The CLARI facility at SMU serves as the administrative hub for the province-wide network. This space can support collaborations of up to 60 participants with work spaces and advanced videoconferencing capabilities.


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2018 CLARI Progress Report

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